App Privacy Policy

This privacy notice applies to all phone and tablet apps published by Simplify Now, LLC.

Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell or trade your private information with anyone or any company.  All of our apps comply with COPPA and industry standard privacy practices.

Aggregate information

Some of our apps may collect non-personally identifiable information that is used in aggregate only to improve the quality of the app.  No personally identifiable information is gathered or stored by Simplify Now, LLC.


Some of our apps allow sharing content from the app or created by the user using sharing methods available on the device – including but not limited to email and social media sites.  These sharing methods are provided by other apps on the device, and not by our software.  Privacy and parental controls are controlled by those 3rd party apps and the device policies.  Our apps do not access or receive information from any of these sharing methods.


For our apps that are supported by advertisements, we strive to ensure that the advertisers are compliant with COPPA and other industry standard privacy practices.  However, any information shared with companies accessed through these advertisements is governed by the privacy policies of those 3rd parties.

If you have further concerns, please contact us.